Out-Of-Zone Permit

How It Works

Every hire purchase vehicle is limited to one geographic location(zone). If you plan on driving your vehicle outside of your home city, you will need to purchase additional insurance coverage. To apply, fill in the application listed below. Thank you


It takes only 1-2 mins to apply

Insurance Protection

Fee starts at N2000

Drive With Ease

Unlock zone restriction

We recommend applying 24hrs before your travel date as processing times can take up to 24hrs.

We charge a one time fee starting at 1500 Naira.

Fee is dependant on how long you are away from our geographical location.

Fill out our “Out of Jurisdiction” form online by answering a few questions and we would be sure to get back to you in less than 24hrs.

Yes, however,  approval is subject to safety checks and payment history.  

If your destination is high risk, we reserve the right to decline an out of zone request.

As inconvenient as this may be, we believe in safety first.

Every vehicle sold through our hire purchase program is limited to a geographical location, Lagos State.

The fee helps cover processing your application and vehicle monitoring personnel.

Payment is due upon submission of application and before your trip.

We have a deferred payment program you can apply for if you are unable to cover the processing fee before your trip.

Your current insurance covers you only when driving within our jurisdiction. You would need an out of jurisdiction coverage to ensure you are covered during an accident outside of the jurisdiction.

In this case, you are fully responsible for towing your vehicle back to your zone coverage.

However, if you have our ‘Out of Jurisdiction’ coverage, you are covered for up to 30,000 Naira towards your towing cost.

You also do have the option of applying for a personal loan to help offset your expenses.

We can have an emergency key brought to you.
You will be responsible for the cost of transporting the key to you.
Yes, you can request for a one time extension.
Application fee applies.

Yes, your safety is important to us.

We highly recommend out of zone insurance.

There have been instances of our clients car breaking down which have resulted in them having to pay hundreds of thousands of Naira to tow it back and have it fixed.

Out of zone insurance ensures you dont have to pay 100% out of pocket if you car breaks down. 

The maximum allowed time is 1 week.

Anything over a week requires management approval.

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