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Fast 48 hours processing and approval.
Only available in Lagos and Ogun state. *Processing fee applies*



Down payment is required for every hire purchase vehicle.


Valid license

A valid drivers license ensures your application is processed.



A guarantor greatly improves the chances of your loan approval.

How It Works

Application Form

Take a few minutes and fill our application form. It takes less than 5 minutes.

Pay Deposit

submit application and pay processing fee. Our approval process take up to 48hours.


You have now been approved and a representative would contact you to set up a time to pick up your vehicle

Cash Benefits

Monthly cash benefits for applicant with early payments.​

Free Trade-In​

Build credit and exchange your car easily for another with gbovo.

Full Coverage​

Every car comes fully registered, with comprehensive insurance​. So you are always protected.

Currently our 100% online car shopping experience is available in Lagos,Nigeria. 

After you purchase a car, our support team will work with you to coordinate delivery. Likewise, if you’re purchasing your  vehicle through our hire-purchase program, our support team will contact you to walk you through the signing of your hire-purchase contract and to ensure your down payment has been paid. Once you have completed this step, we would schedule a pick up at your convenience
 At delivery, ensure you have signed all documents necessary such as hire-purchase contract and mandate. Our rep would ensure you are helped every step of the way. We like to take photos of our customers with their new Gbovo car so we hope you’re ready to show off your new purchase 
Yes, your down payment is refundable as long as it is paid towards a Nigerian used vehicle, how-ever if your deposit is paid towards a foreign used vehicle and it was registered, we reserve the right to not refund you as the vehicle devaluation due to its registration  was  due to your commitment to wanting to purchase the said vehicle. 

We offer a two weeks mechanical coverage, so you can be rest assured you would be taking care of,  which mean if your vehicle were to have any mechanical issues within this time frame, we would take 100% responsibility for it.

Yes we do, we understand that you might be working with a very tight budget so we do give you the option of adding this cost to your vehicle purchase price.

Yes. Comprehensive insurance is mandatory when purchasing a vehicle through our hire-purchase program. This is to ensure that your vehicle is  protected during an accident. What’s beautiful is that we can help pay for this upfront, by adding the cost to your vehicle purchase.

Customers are financially responsible for their vehicle maintenance when purchasing a vehicle through our higher-purchase program. However, we understand vehicle repairs can be expensive which is why we offer our customers customized auto-repair loans if eligible.

We work with all customers regardless of their financial situation but a down payment is necessary to get approved on our hire purchase program. Most applicants with no down payment or low down payment gets approved for Nigerian used vehicles, reconditioned to foreign used standard.

Since our services is only currently in Lagos, if you need to commute out of Lagos, you will need to fill out our “out of jurisdiction form” a fee of 3,000 Naira apply.
Our Hire purchase program is currently only available in Lagos, Nigeria at the moment but we are working on expanding to a city near you in the future, if you want us in your city (Vote Here)
We understand life happens and sometimes you wont be able to meet up with your auto payment, which is why we offer our customers the opportunity to access our personal loan product to pay off their weekly/monthly payment during this difficult time, to avoid creating a negative payment history with us. We also offer you three deferral a year. As long as you have a positive payment history with us, this option is available to you.

Payments on vehicles purchased through our program are calculated using three components.

Principal– The total cost of a vehicle including the car loan, comprehensive insurance, Yearly auto service etc.

Term- The length of time that payments will be made. Typically terms will run anywhere between 12 months and 36 months (shorter or longer terms are sometimes possible).

Interest Rates– The percentage we charge you to borrow money. Interest rates can vary depending on the vehicle, loan term and the borrower’s financial circumstances.

Typically terms will run anywhere between 12 months and 36 months (shorter or longer terms are sometimes possible).
Down payment for the purchase of your vehicle can be made during the process of your application or after your application has been approved, totally up to you. However, down payment must be paid before your vehicle is picked up/delivered.

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