Improving the quality of life and standard of living for Nigerians through our vehicle programs

With a population of over 186 million people there aren’t enough jobs to help put food on families tables. Given the circumstances, we are taking the responsibility to give Nigerian citizens access to income and an opportunity of ownership through our Hire Purchase and Vehicle Purchase Program. We aspire to improve the quality and standard of living for Nigerians through our vehicle programs.

A working class citizen’s life could improve by having easy access to vehicles. He or she would no longer have to deal with the hassle of public transportation while going to work. Nor would a family have to starve ever again if they had access to a vehicle to give them the opportunity to create income for themselves by leveraging the ride hailing platforms.

Giving Nigerians easy access to vehicles doesn’t only help improve their quality of life, it also helps them create income. As you know, ride hailing platforms have provided an opportunity to create income for yourself as long as you own a vehicle. That’s where we come in! By being able to identify why cars in Nigeria cost alot, we were able to develop a system to help Nigerians save money on their vehicles.

Benefit With Us

Ownership: Unlike other car renters, you drive towards ownership of your own ride hailing vehicle. After your term is up, you take full control of the car

Earn More: Our system helps you market yourself better, so more people turn to you for moving around

Security + safety: our cars are insured and protected from theft with military grade tracking, so we always know where the vehicle is

Own Fleets of Cars: Our program is designed to help you own more ride hailing cars and have people drive for you

Foreign vehicles: All of our vehicles are bought from Canada and USA

You are in control: We work with your budget while also providing you with your vehicle needs


Meet The Founders

Lucky and Payal Osaigbovo

Husband and wife team, Lucky and Payal, have always had a strong yearning to help others. They realized it’s the only way to gain true fulfillment in life. Lucky is originally from Nigeria and explained the devastating truth of lack of jobs in the Nigerian economy to his wife Payal, who is born and raised in Canada. Together they decided that they wanted to tackle the issue as a way to gain and give back. The company’s mission statement comes from their genuine desire to help others

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